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Midtown Apartments

The owners of the Midtown Apartments in Sacramento, CA called on KM Coatings to help solve their growing roof problem. The HVAC units installed atop the HUD properties had faulty condensation lines, causing liquid to discharge on the built-up roof. Because of the constant moisture produced from the HVAC units the built-up roof became damaged.

KM Coatings partnered with roofing contractor Allied Construction Services to fix the 15,000 sq. ft. roof. They first repaired the HVAC units, replacing all coping metals and redirecting the condensation lines. KM Coatings 10-year silicone roof system was used to restore the roof. Products included KM Epoxy water-based primer and PS#250 high solids silicone roof coating. Because the products were VOC compliant and safe to use, tenants remained in the building during the roofing work.

Epoxy Primer A & B is a two component, low-VOC solution that enhances adhesion to a variety of porous and non-porous substrates.

PS#250 is a VOC compliant, white liquid applied silicone roof coating with several industry ratings for energy efficiency and is not adversely affected by ponding water.

KM Project Sheet: Midtown