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Scottsdale Performing Arts Center

Date of Work:

  • December 2011 – April 2012


  • Bill Close, AIA Architectural Resource Team (Phoenix, AZ)


  • Jerry Brown, RRO Western Roof Evaluation Corporation (Peoria, AZ)

Roof Size:

  • 56,000 sq. ft.


  • No tear-off. According to the EPA, roof tear-offs are the 3rd greatest contributor to US landfills. The coatings system products went over the existing 25-year old roof.
  • Reduction in heat gain into the building. Lowers the amperage load on HVAC units/Energy Savings
  • A sustainable roof. With strong protection from UV degradation.
  • The show goes on: All fluid components were low-odor, odor free. Because the facility is both a facility and a museum, it could not be shut down for any reason. The coatings system accomplished such without odor concern while also keeping debris and noise to a minimum.

KM Project Sheet: Scottsdale