KM Liquid Calculator

KM Coatings Launches New Liquid Calculator App

KM Coatings Mfg. develops free liquid calculator App, providing roofing professionals with a mobile tool that estimates the amount of roof coatings needed for a project.

Phoenix, AZ. June 11, 2017–KM Coatings Mfg., a manufacturer of liquid applied membranes, has developed the KM Liquid Calculator APP for mobile devices to provide roofing professionals with a smart tool that manages projects more efficiently.

Available for download on iOS and Android devices, the free App calculates the estimated quantity of KM elastomeric coating needed for a roof project. The App also has a function that determines the best KM Coatings Roof System solution based on project parameters. With a simple user interface, the App is easy to use and works quickly to generate results.

  • Quickly determine the best roof system solution
  • Manage projects from your mobile device
  • Estimate the amount of coating needed fast

We are excited to provide roofing contractors with a time-saving solution that helps improve customer experience, said Brady Kolden, national coatings specialist for KM Coatings. The App helps property managers to estimate project cost and meet their budget needs.


About KM Coatings.
KM Coatings Mfg. has been manufacturing fluid-applied membranes for over 30 years. KM Coatings Mfg. offers a complete selection of acrylic and silicone elastomeric roof coatings in a variety of colors. When applied over an entire roof, KM Coatings roofing systems cure to form a seamless membrane and can extend the service life of an existing roof by 5-20 years. For more information visit

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