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KM Coatings manufactures an extensive array of commercial-grade liquid-applied roof systems. Using innovative and technologically advanced manufacturing processes, our sustainable, long-term, “cool roof” solutions can be applied over various substrates. KM Coatings’ acrylic and silicone coatings are listed with Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC®), can be used to comply with 2016 Title 24 Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements and are ENERGY STAR® rated. Applying KM Coatings roof systems can extend the service life of an existing roof and potentially reduce energy costs. 

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Xtreme Finalcoat HV

Ultra HS Acrylic 60% Solids Topcoat Elastomeric Roof Coating (High Visc.)

Features & Benefits Resistant to dirt pick up Fungal and algal resistant Resistant to ultraviolet…

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